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Supts On - Dr. Vernon Fisher

My name is Vernon Fisher and I am the very proud superintendent of Gibbon Public Schools.  In partnership with the “Clipper,” Gibbon Public Schools would like to establish a monthly column for the primary purpose of sharing information with our constituents.  Supts On is intended to serve as a direct source of information from the superintendent of schools to our wonderful community with the ultimate goal of generating a two-way dialogue between you and your school district.  One strategy that will help us achieve this goal is through the use of a blog.

This first Supts On focuses on communication and emphasizes our efforts to improve the level of information shared with you on a consistent basis.  Communication is always a difficult concept, and although schools work hard at communicating with their stakeholders, achieving perfection is tough to achieve.  The questions of what information should be shared, what method of communication should be used to provide information, how does the school ensure folks receive the information they truly need to make informed decisions, and how is information shared in a timely manner are challenges schools face when wanting to communicate with the community.

Currently, the Gibbon Public Schools uses email, Power School, Schoology, the District Calendar, Parent-Teacher Conferences, the District Website, Buff Alerts, Twitter, Facebook, and personal phone calls to share information.  As with any school district, the evidence is clear that Gibbon Public Schools is using multiple methods of communication to share information, but there is always work that should be done to ensure quality information is shared on a consistent basis and in a timely manner.  With consistency in mind, Gibbon Public Schools would like to build upon our efforts by incorporating the use of a blog.

I’ve mentioned our move to using a blog.  The reason behind this statement is the district’s decision to move away from using the traditional newsletter and providing a way for our stakeholders to access information from our website.  Through a blog, we are able to provide information sooner, more frequently and using a social medium that is typically used by most households.  In addition, the district will be able to illustrate the efficient use of available resources while improving the level of information shared with the entire Gibbon Community.  This column of Supts On will be our first blog of the year!

One might ask, what is a blog?  Good Question!  A blog is a website containing short articles called posts that are changed regularly.  The blog will also be named Supts On and can be found on the front page of the Gibbon Public School’s website.  Our goal is to frequently place key pieces of information connected to programs, initiatives, policies, and procedures in a consistent location and manner.  In addition, we want to share our story and our efforts to address budgeting, academic achievement, and the political environment.  We foresee the celebration of our accomplishments, promotion of Gibbon Public Schools and members of our educational family, and the advocating for our students may also occur on this blog.  Hopefully, you find the information insightful and useful as you make decisions related to our school system.

I look ahead to sharing more information in the future and look forward to promoting our wonderful school district.  In the meantime, I can be reached via email at or by phone at (308) 468-5721.



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